Woods keen to play down caddie controversy

on January 5, 2009 by Administrator

Earlier this month, it seemed as if trouble was brewing in Tiger Woods’ world. After all, his caddie, Steve Williams, made negative remarks about Phil Mickelson and even implicated Woods in these controversial comments.

However, Woods has managed to play down the incident and avoid major controversy by taking no formal action against Williams. The incident started when Williams, who has been a reliable caddie for Woods for many years, stated that neither he nor Woods liked Mickelson.

This embarrassing episode was dealt with by Woods in a typically private fashion, with talks occurring behind closed doors between Woods and Mickelson, and Woods and Williams.

He was refreshingly honest about the incident, stating that the comments from his caddie were entirely “inappropriate” but was also keen to stress that the incident has been “discussed and dealt with”.

Woods continued to state that, despite the comments from Williams, he has always respected Mickelson, who is currently ranked at number three in the world, whilst Woods inhabits the top spot.

Woods believes that the issue has been dealt with but others are not so sure. Mickelson’s reaction to the incident was to praise his own caddie, Jim Mackay, implicitly criticising the services of Steve Williams in the process.

Furthermore, the former coach of the world number one, Butch Harmon, has spoken out in public against Williams, calling his comments “deplorable”. He also revealed that Mickelson is one of the most popular players in the world of golf and so could not understand why the comments had been made.

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